Order Status PRO Monitor - Module

Order Status PRO Monitor - Module


CRE Order Status PRO Monitor Module Delivers Comprehensive, Intelligent and Persistent Fraudulent Order Prevention Tools

With CRE Order Status PRO Monitor you can set basic order criteria for automatic processing, calling for specified orders to trigger a manual verification process. Includes advanced features;

  • Order Time Filter: commonly called a flood control, sets a minimum time limit between orders from the same customer
  • Order Quantity Filter: allows the admin to set the maximum items a user can checkout at one time
  • Order Hold List: log users flagged by your security measures to stop future orders until you release them from the list
  • CRE Loaded Pro B2B users can choose which Customer Groups will be affected by the Monitor
  • CRE File Distribution Management System (FDMS) users' orders that have downloads are secure until the order status is changed, which automatically releases the order
  • Debug feature allows you to confirm that the Monitor is operating correctly

Here's how it works:

  1. You set the trigger criteria based on total order amount, total order weight, time between a customer's orders, maximum number of items per checkout and billing/shipping address mismatch
  2. The module changes matching orders' status and calls for manual verification* (CRE Loaded B2B users can also choose which customer groups are affected by the monitor)
  3. The customer data is captured in the HOLD list and will remain there until removed
  4. When triggered, a custom message page (which you create in the CRE Loaded Content Manager tool) is displayed to the customer at the end of the order informing them of the verification process
  5. An email is sent to alert you that an order requires manual verification
  6. Once the order is verified, you simply change the order status and process the order accordingly
  7. If an order is not valid, you can void any real time payments and cancel shipment of the product

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with fraudulent orders after the fact; catch them early with Order Status Monitor Pro for your CRE Loaded online store.

* NOTE: This module will help you to identify orders which may require special attention. Be sure your verification measures are in compliance with any requirements set by your merchant account/payment gateway vendors and all applicable state, federal and international law.

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