Merchant Questions

1) Who is buySAFE?

buySAFE, Inc. (buySAFE) is a company founded on a simple premise: When internet users feel completely safe & confident, they are more likely to buy, to buy more and to buy more often.  The buySAFE Guaranteed program enables merchants to provide their buyers with increased confidence and added value via a special Guaranteed Shopping experience.  Guaranteed Shopping increases confidence and safety for online buyers and profits for online merchants.  It's a win-win!

buySAFE is based in Arlington, VA, U.S.A and has raised over $30,000,000 of private investment, reflecting the great investor interest in the promise of Guaranteed Shopping.  With rapid merchant adoption since its introduction, over 25,000,000 online transactions have now been guaranteed through the buySAFE program.


2) Why should merchants use buySAFE Guaranteed?

buySAFE Guaranteed enables merchants to provide their shoppers added confidence and value  via a Guaranteed Shopping experience.

The added confidence and value merchants provide buyers with Guaranteed Shopping translates directly and immediately into higher website profitability and increased customer satisfaction.  The buySAFE Guaranteed program is proven to increase website conversion and sales by 6.1% on average and overall site profitability by 20% or more.  buySAFE Merchants also enjoy longer term benefits including increased buyer loyalty as measured by increases in increased repeat buyer rates.

As buySAFE pricing is based on the additional profit merchants earn from using the program and is guaranteed to provide a minimum of a 5x Profit ROI, using buySAFE Guaranteed can make ecommerce businesses much more successful.


3) What does the buySAFE Guaranteed program do?

It turns internet shoppers into buyers by increasing buyer confidence and providing buyers added value through a tangible, third party guarantee.  The buySAFE Guaranteed program enables merchants to provide their buyers with a free buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee that includes:

  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection
  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee

Guaranteed Shopping increases merchant profitability and buyer satisfaction.  All the terms of the 3-in-1 Guarantee can be found here.


4) Can buySAFE Guaranteed really make merchants more money?

YES!  buySAFE is a proven solution for increasing website profits and customer satisfaction.  Comprehensive testing shows buySAFE Guaranteed typically increases website conversion and sales by 3-15% with an average increase of 6.1%.  buySAFE Guaranteed can also increase buyer loyalty.  buySAFE's highly-sophisticated impact testing tools enable merchants to test buySAFE Guaranteed on their website to objectively measure the impact on their business.

Note, the placement of the buySAFE graphical elements on a website has a material impact on overall results.  Placement above the fold on all pages is highly recommended.


5) Who uses buySAFE Guaranteed?

There are more than 5,000 websites around the world with billons in online sales every year using buySAFE Guaranteed. It is proven to be effective on the sale of both large- and small-ticket items and across all product types, so merchants everywhere can benefit from the program.


6) Why is buySAFE Guaranteed a must have for emerging merchants too?

Being an internet merchant is tough, but the deck is really stacked against those competing against the biggest merchants. The economics put them at a huge disadvantage:

  • They pay more for inventory
  • They pay the same costs for advertising
  • Shoppers feel less confident buying from them

While buySAFE Guaranteed is used by almost 10% of the Top 1000 largest ecommerce websites and some of the biggest ecommerce merchants on the internet, its even more valuable for the other 500,000+ ecommerce merchants on the internet.  To compete effectively, smaller merchants must close the consumer confidence gap and a Guaranteed Shopping program is the single best way to do this.  Just as David beat Goliath by being smarter and using better technology (the slingshot) to win the day, emerging merchants can do the same.  buySAFE Guaranteed is the slingshot for emerging merchants.


7) How much does buySAFE Guaranteed cost?

Pricing is based on sales volume and the additional profit generated by the buySAFE Guaranteed program.  While most buySAFE Merchants receive $10 in additional profit for every $1 paid to buySAFE, merchants are guaranteed to receive at minimum of $5 (a 5x Profit ROI) when using buySAFE Guaranteed.

Simply put, buySAFE Guaranteed doesn't cost merchants anything as it generates 5-10x+ its cost in added profit.  Every day that a merchant is not using buySAFE Guaranteed costs them serious money in lost profit opportunity.


8) What are the minimum requirements to become a buySAFE Merchant?

While some of the biggest companies in the world are buySAFE Merchants, it's a solution that all professional retailers will benefit from. To be eligible, a merchant must have a track record of success, be financially stable and committed to delivering on the promises they make their buyers.

For merchants interested in finding out if they qualify, simply apply online or call us at 1.888.926.6333.  Our Quick Start application takes just minutes to complete. Some basic information about the business and business owner (for privately held companies) is requested so that a business inspection and identity verification check can be completed.

For merchants approved online, they may begin using buySAFE Guaranteed immediately.


9) How do merchants install buySAFE Guaranteed?

buySAFE will provide merchants with three small snippets of HTML code that enable the install of all three buySAFE Guaranteed elements  the Seal, Conversion Kicker and Guarantee Notification.  Installing the entire program typically takes less than one hour.  Merchants can review the buySAFE Guaranteed Installation Guide here:


10) Many merchants already use a Security Seal like VeriSign, McAfee or Norton.  Why do they also need buySAFE Guaranteed?

Security seals are necessary in today's world of phishing and identity theft.  However, they provide no resolution in the event something goes wrong. With buySAFE Guaranteed, merchants provide their buyers a great deal of added value with three guarantees in one, that are specifically designed to address each of the three biggest risks consumer fear when buying online.

Economically, using buySAFE Guaranteed is a no brainer.  The conversion and profit lift buySAFE Guaranteed provides merchants are in addition to any other benefits they are already receiving from their Security Seals.  Merchants can measure this for themselves via a straightforward and objective, A/B split test.


11) Why does buySAFE need a credit card?

A valid credit card is an important part of buySAFE's merchant inspection process and can be used to pay any fees owed.


12) What does the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee cover?

The 3-in-1 Guarantee includes:

  • $10,000 Identity Theft Protection
  • $1,000 Purchase Guarantee
  • $100 Lowest Price Guarantee

Note that the 3-in-1 Bond Guarantee provides a purchase guarantee for up to $25,000.

For a complete description of the 3-in-1 Guarantee terms, click here.


13) For how long is a 3-in-1 Guarantee valid?

The Guarantee automatically expires thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.  All benefit claims must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase in order to keep benefits, even if all the terms of sale are not yet fulfilled. Once a valid benefit claim is made, coverage applies until the claim is resolved.


14) How does buySAFE protect merchants from fraudulent buyers?

After tens of millions of guaranteed transactions, buySAFE's claims process is optimized to protect merchants from fraudulent buyers. All claims are investigated by experienced benefit claims professionals. Claimants are required to provide detailed information about their identity and purchase. These procedures put a spotlight on both parties and the transaction as a whole to ensure that everyone is held accountable for their actions, including false allegations.


Buyer Questions

1) Does the 3-in-1 Guarantee cover international buyers too?

Yes, the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee applies to all buyers regardless of where they are located in the world.  Note that the Identity Theft Protection coverage is available only to U.S. residents.


2) How can a buyer confirm a site is really a buySAFE Guaranteed Merchant?

For sites displaying a buySAFE Seal, simply click on it to verify.  A webpage hosted on will provide the verification.  Alternatively, buyers may "Verify a Merchant" on the following page Seal verification.

If you believe that you have encountered a merchant inappropriately representing themselves as a buySAFE Merchant, please report it by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


3)  If a buyer has a problem transaction, how is a Purchase Guarantee claim reported and resolved?

In the rare instance that a buyer has a problem with a buySAFE Guaranteed purchase, we recommend that the buyer first contact the merchant directly to attempt to resolve the matter. Typically, buyers and merchants can quickly resolve typical issues on their own without buySAFE's intervention.  If a buyer and merchant are unable to reach resolution, buyers can Make a Guarantee claim on the main page of the Buyers section of the website.

Once a Purchase Guarantee claim is reported, buySAFE provides free Problem Resolution services through which buyers and merchants can talk to each other using a moderated online communication area.  If the problem can't be worked out, a buySAFE Problem Resolution Specialist can assist in finding a solution.  For problems where a mutually satisfactory  resolution cannot be found, or upon the request of either party, buySAFE will refer the matter to buySAFE Claim Services, Inc. for a final coverage ruling.

buySAFE has had a great deal of experience with making this a process that the overwhelming majority of both merchants and buyers really like. It helps resolve disputes in a structured way that typically results in both parties pleased with the outcome.  For merchants, this process also helps reduce credit card chargebacks as the Problem Resolution process gives buyers an alternative avenue for getting their problem resolved in a fair and impartial manner.


4) When does buySAFE get involved in a purchase dispute?

buySAFE will only become directly involved in a dispute when either a merchant or a buyer requests buySAFE's assistance.


5) How long do Benefit Claims typically take to resolve?

  • For Purchase Guarantees, problem resolution should take no longer than two weeks and frequently, it is much faster.
  • For Lowest Price Guarantees, benefit claims processing typically takes 1-4 business days.
  • For Identity Theft Protection, buyers are put in contact with remediation specialists as quickly as possible, typically within 1 business day.


6) How are outstanding Purchase Guarantee claims closed out?

Only buyers and buySAFE may close out an outstanding Purchase Guarantee claim. If a merchant feels that a dispute has been resolved, they should post an update to the dispute which contacts the buyer to request that they close the dispute  Alternatively, Merchants may contact buySAFE at [email protected] and request a claim be closed. buySAFE personnel will also routinely contact buyers to help facilitate resolution of a claim and can then determine if a dispute has been resolved for closure.


1. Average buySAFE conversion lift results based on A-B tests conducted by over 500 online merchants over 100 million unique visits.
2. Average increase in net profits experienced by retailers from using the buySAFE program.
3. Average of 78% of buyers said they are more likely to shop from the store again after receiving a buySAFE 3-in-1 guarantee. Survey conducted by over 50 merchants.
4. Average buySAFE conversion lift results based on A-B tests conducted by over 500 online merchants over 100 million unique visits.
5. Average of 78% of buyers said they are more likely to shop from the store again after receiving a buySAFE 3-in-1 guarantee. Survey conducted by over 50 merchants.


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