Efficient Order Management

Points and Rewards

With the Loaded Commerce Points and Rewards system you now have an easy tool that incentivizes customers to keep shopping with you.

  • Turn one time customers into repeat customers with this automated tool!
  • Redeemable spending points can be earned based on the amount spent at checkout, submitting product reviews, and referring other customers to become members and make purchases (The ability to gain points for referrals is only during a checkout).
  • Points can be restricted based upon specials, model id's, category id's, product id's, and minimum order amount.Points can be automatically or manually confirmed to the customer by a store admin.
  • Running points totals are kept in the admin with easy access from the customers listing and the orders listing.
  • Customers have a menu in their my account page to access their specific points history, current point balance, and more.
  • The value of points is set in the admin Need more info.

 vi. Order Package Tracking